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Media Buying Systems (MBS) are leaders in providing software solutions for media buying agencies and their partners.

We develop and edit software’s and other solutions for media buying agencies and their partners.

Our expertise +

We also manage the maintenance and evolution of the software and provide support and training for our clients.

We are leaders in the French market, where our software MediaManager is used by almost all the main media agencies. We work with clients all across Europe and are currently also present in Russia, Morocco and Belgium.

Products +

Media Buying Systems’ (MBS’) product range is organised around Media Manager, which is our key product for all media buying and advertising activities.
With its five releases per year, Media Manager is highly agile, adapting to the forever evolving needs of the industry.
The webtools and other solutions (API, Prisma, Data Portal...) come around Media Manager to answers some more specific tasks.
Using agile development methods, MBS offers adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.
Our clients are welcome to ask for some new functionalities, webtools or other solutions.
This wide range of products, continuously updated have made the success of MBS, key player of the French media buying industry for the last 17 years.


MediaManager is the key product of our range, dedicated to media buying and advertising agencies.

    Why choose MEDIAMANAGER ?
  • It is the software of reference for all the media buying management actions: it manages buying, invoicing, reporting, integration with accounting tools and media planning.
  • MediaManager is at the central point of numerous integrated tools, from campaign creation and management (PRISMA), invoice management (EDITIQUE), or debt recovery (CASHBACK).
  • MediaManager is multilingual, multi-currency, multi-locations, Sapin law and SOX compliant.
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Our webtools

In addition to our core software MediaManager, MBS offers a comprehensive suite of web based tools that either complete Media Manager or propose an alternative ways of performing dedicated operations.​

This suite is available on any device connected to the Internet via VPN or inside the Agency’s infrastructure.

  • timesheet A great addition to our suite is Timesheets which allows capturing time data and create instant detailed profitability reports.
  • ejustif Web module ensuring the vouching of MediaManager's insertions/placements. Based on KANTAR's data, automatically received and organised on a daily basis.
    This is very usefull for Print advertising.
  • elettrage This webtool give an alternative to MediaManager, making it easier to match publishers' invoices with the actual buys.
  • calendar Calendar allows one click flow plan directly from MediaManager exported to Excel, with all the details needed
  • graphics This reporting module provides reliable buying data with monthly splits, media splits, year comparisons, investment reports and helps to pilot
    negotiations with vendors and advertisers.
  • report Synthetic report with incomes and costs for Finance:​
    - Zoom on the fields in order to understand / explain the data (mode "unfold" the tree)​
    - Access detailed information about any insertion
  • insert This webtool provides an alternative way of easily creating and filling out non-media estimates.
    Services bought and sold can be entered in a few clicks.
  • forecast The commercial teams will save up to 20% of their time doing forecasts for clients. These reports can be organised by group, client, period or year, allowing to create multiple versions of the same document.
  • unbillable Services bought and sold can be entered in a few clicks and e-mail targeted people.​
    Messages include actionable links to easily resolve items from within the webtool, when applicable.
  • editique With this webtool, the back end/finance team will be automatically send invoices.
    These emails can be set up at group or client level with saved messages, respecting the clients' T&Cs (1PDF per email, all PDF in one email ...)
  • cashback This webtool allows the Agency to pilot client reminders and automatically to send e-mails to clients with detailed invoice statements and/or the invoices in PDF.​
  • mind the gap This webtool allows the agency to balance out clients and providers accounts.
  • webdocs Webdocs is a portal where Agencies' finance teams and their clients can safely access and download their documents (i.e: invoices). Creating a better transparency between agencies and advertisers.


Digital Media Management Platform

    Why Choose Prisma?
  • Work smarter with end-to-end campaign management
  • Maximise workflow efficiency
  • Empower your teams with unparalleled insight and control
  • Customise your tech stacks to include your preferred partners and providers within a single workflow

How does Prisma Work?

Prisma manages every step of the campaign lifecycle - from planning and buying to reporting and reconciliation, helping agencies achieve more through a streamlined workflow. Prisma provides a direct line of communication to your publishers, enabling you to execute supplier processes and transactions 100% electronically. Additionally, you can manage your cross-channel media campaigns all within a central location, including display, video, mobile, search, social and more – with the ability to analyse, optimise and report holistically.

With an agile release cycle, Prisma is constantly leveraging new technologies and media opportunities to help agencies lead their clients to success in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. Integrations with data providers, ad servers, and partner platforms allow you to customise your tech stack with all your preferred providers accessed in a single interface.

Prisma is product from MediaOcean: COPYRIGHT © 2018 MEDIAOCEAN

Freefor publishers

Data Portal

    The invoicing for digital buys:
    the end of a nightmare.
  • As you may know, the delivery data used for invoicing the digital buys, are the publishers' data.
  • For the same campaign, the discrepancies between Agencies' and Publishers' data vary and create a real nightmare to match the numbers together and close the gaps between campaigns and invoices.
  • Now, imagine a world where Agencies had the Publishers' data, directly in their tools, which allow them to action payments earlier and without having to negotiate and discuss the gaps.

With the ambition to improve the process and workflows of digital media buyings, MBS has developed the Data Portal © MBS and is already in production with one agency and offers multiple ways to capture data in the portal:

  • A REST API allowing publishers to send delivery data, as often and whenever they need.
  • An Excel document upload giving the media owner the choice to import directly and without any additional procedure the delivery data for one or multiple campaigns, all the campaigns for the year, with a simple drag and drop.

Available today with the tool used by Publicis Media (Prisma), the Data Portal © MBS is available for all agencies, no matter the tools they use to manage their digital campaigns.

By the way, we almost forgot: it's free for publishers.

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Prices and T&Cs database

When it comes to prices and T&Cs management and access, Media Buying Systems is the historic leader in France. For more than 20 years, MBS has been collecting and managing a database with all the prices, all the publications, formats, sections, costs and T&Cs for thousands of media titles.

MBS offers a range of Restful APIs (Saas mode) giving access to all this data as well as a calculation engine (made in MBS) able to retrieve discount cascades according to investments made and conditions defined by publishers.

API and other projects

At Media Buying Systems (MBS), we are attentive to our clients' needs and are open to offer new tailor-made solutions to answer them. We are aware that this industry is constantly evolving, facing new challenges like programmatic, social advertising, search advertising, SEO, mobile advertising and new competitions. The expertise of our consultant team and the quality of our developers allow us a great agility and understanding of new projects.

MBS have now multiple APIs, available to our clients and potential partners to integrate with our services and database.


MBS' teams have grown over the years with the addition of new talents coming from different backgrounds. Here is the Paris office:


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